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Tag: whatsapp status

We are All Eligible for Life Small Prizes

Most of us Miss Out Lif-s Big Prizes:

But we are All Eligible for Life Small Prizes:

*A Hug from best friend
*A Short sleep on a friends shoulder
*A Glorious Sunset
*A chat wid One we have a crush on
*An ice-cream when it’s raining
*A Silent Night on the Terrace
*Money from old jeans
*A Slow Walk On An Empty Road With the Prsn we Love on a full moon nite..

So Don’t Worry About Missing Lifes Big Prizes,

Bt Take Care Of D Small ones

Never give up

It’s Madness..

To hate all roses
if U got scratch by one thorn..

To give up all ur dreams
if one didn’t come true..

To lose faith in God
if one wasn’t answered..

To give up all Ur efforts
if one of them failed..

To condemn all Ur friends
if one betrayed U.

Not to believe in love
if someone broke a promise N left.

Remember that Time will bring.
A new friend.
A new love.
A new life.

Never give up.
Coz Life Indeed is Beautiful..